3D Holographic Display Holographic Fan Screen Advertising Machine

3D holographic displays provide a fresh and one of a kind means of producing advertising activations, since you are able to market your merchandise in a totally distinctive manner with apparently"free-floating" 3D holograms that describe details, characteristics, and exceptional selling points.

Products Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong
LED life:100,000 hours
Rated power:10W~15W
Voltage:100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Product size:500mm*500mm*100mm
Support system:APP, applet, WEB
Network: WIFI

Quick Details

3D LED Holographic Display PRODUCT

Model F1-50
Product size 500mm*500mm*100mm
Memory 8GB
Brightness 1600CD (semi-outdoor)
Frame rate 24 frames / sec
Resolution 512*512
Maximum resolution 1280*1280
Network WIFI
Support system APP, applet, WEB
Weight 1.6KG
Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Material PC + Iron
Machine theory life 30,000 hours

3D Holographic Display Holographic Fan Screen Advertising Machine

3D Holographic Display Characteristic

The anti-interference functionality is more powerful, and our firm is the only one which utilizes Hall contactless placement technologies. 3d hologram projector fan,The industry basically adopts codeless infrared placement, which could not function normally under the surroundings of infrared money lighting; high reliability, the entire power circuit is made with security circuit, real time tracking engine operation & no cash provide condition utilizing quad-core chip, the current market is There are no MCU circuit controller engine and no cash supply circuit; the inner force frame is constructed from aluminum, which can be lighter and much more rated; the colour reproduction is great, along with the black lighting PCB is using in the light source to bring out the first colour of the picture.

3D holographic advertising machine is a new type of display product.Best hologram projector, It is an aerial hallucination media display device. It uses the principle of LED light bar rotation display and human eye temporary retention to form graphics, animation and video. Because the product has no frame and background, users think the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is also called holographic display screen and sector screen. Through the perfect display of 3D holographic Display advertising machine, it can meet the people ‘s pursuit of visual vision. 3D display, clear and vivid, also unreal and real, enjoy the joy and rich entertainment life.

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Defeng Holographic Fan Co., Ltd. is high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales and service. Our products include holographic Projector advertising machine, holographic fan display screen, LED display screen, and four series. Our products are widely used in advertising field, high-end shopping malls, luxury brand stores and other fields.

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