Aluminum alloy casting die, casting solution and detailed explanation

Aluminum alloy casting die is used to die-casting aluminum alloy, because of the unique plasticity of aluminum alloy, so in the die casting time to pay attention to these points.

What aluminum is used for casting?

As you’ll see, cast aluminum is employed during a number of various objects that the majority folks use on a day to day . Why is it so popular and why do numerous people use it? There are literally a dew reasons for the recognition .

As already mentioned, it’s very strong and sturdy . it’d not be as strong as forged iron , however, it’s very close and positively a kind of metal that you simply can depend upon once you need it the foremost . this is often one reason that folks choose this alloy, but they also just like the cost. in comparison to other metals, it’s very cost effective. It are often purchased at a price of about half what you’d spend on other sorts of metals and AL alloy.

Aluminum alloy casting die, casting solution and detailed explanation

What measures should be taken if the die of aluminium alloy die casting dies when it is die casting?

1, improve the fluidity of the alloy:

(1) the correct smelting process is adopted to eliminate gas and non-metallic inclusions.
(2) increase the pouring temperature and die temperature of the alloy.
(3) increasing the injection velocity.
(4) adding nitrogen to raise the effective pressure.
(5) adopting quantitative pouring.
(6) improve the casting structure and adjust the wall thickness properly.

2, improve the gating system:

(1) correct selection of gate location and diversion mode is beneficial to the use of multiple gates for non – ideal castings and large castings.
(2) increase the cross sectional area of the gate or increase the injection speed.

3, improve exhaust conditions:

(1) adding overflow tank and exhaust duct, and the deep concave cavity can be provided with breather plug.
(2) the use of paint, thin and uniform, dry burn after die.
(3) reduce die temperature to working temperature.
Well, the above is the aluminum alloy die castings, mold cast when the solution.

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