Aquamatic K52 Valve Membrane Valve

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Packing: Exporting Standard Package
Standard: 3″
Port: Tianjin
Production Capacity: 100, 000
Trademark: JK matic
Origin: China

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1. Brief Introduction

The JK Y Type Diaphragm Valve is an adaptable Y pattern control valve made from durable reinforced plastic. It is designed to be used in mult-valve systems for applications such as softening, filtration, chemical plants etc.

2. Applications

Industrial filtration
Industrial softenning

3. Advantages
a.Our diaphragm valve utilizes a dual-chamber design to control the internal flow. This design makes the control more flexible, reliable and durable, and eliminates the switching defects that a single-chamber valve may have.
b.The valve body and cap are made from glass fiber reinforced plastic. This gives them strength, long service life and excellent corrosion resistance. Our diaphragm valves are well suited to be used in chemical applications and desalination processes.
c.We use a special molding process to give the reinforced rubber diaphragm extra strength, abrasion resistance and a long working life.
d.The Y shape channel design reduces pressure loss and increases flow. This results in an efficient energy saving valve.

4.Technical Parameters

Valve size Body Material Installation Dimensions Working Pressure Working Temperature
1″/DN25 PA 160*85*160mm 1 – 8 bar
15 – 115 psi
4 – 50 ºC
40 – 122ºF
2″/DN50 PA 250*110*200mm
2.5″/DN65 PA 285*180*310mm
3″/DN80 PA 318*190*330mm
4″/DN100 PA 313*220*380mm 1-8 bar
15-115 psi
4 – 50 ºC
40 – 122ºF

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