Clay model by 5 axis of CNC machining

Very High Performance as a result of advanced machine design with Linear Motor Direct Drive on the Linear Axes.The 2 Axis Milling Head allows quick and easy cutter angle adjustment with RTCP, and also full 5 axis CNC milling if desired.

Products Details

Number of axes:5-axis
Spindle orientation:horizontal
Other characteristics:for the automobile industry
Rotational speed: Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1) Max.: 10,000 rpm (62,832 rad.min-1)
Power:2 kW (2.72 hp)

Quick Details

The CNC machining process mainly includes the selection of CNC machine tools, the determination of machining methods, the division of machining stages and the arrangement of processes.

1.selection of CNC machine tools: When selecting CNC machine tools, factors such as the material and type of the blank, the complexity of the contour shape of the part, the size, the machining accuracy, the number of parts, and the heat treatment requirements should be considered.

2.The determination of machining methods: The processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements must be ensured when selecting the processing method. When selecting, combine the shape, size, position and heat treatment requirements of the part, the productivity and economic requirements, and the actual conditions of the production equipment of the factory.

3.The division of machining stages and the arrangement of processes.
(1) First, the inner cavity is processed, and then the shape processing process is performed;
(2) It is best to have the same positioning, clamping method or the same tool processing to reduce the repeated positioning and save the tool change time;
(3) For the multiple processes carried out in the same clamping, the process of less rigid damage to the workpiece should be arranged first.

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INDUSTRIAL-MAN has been a pioneer of additive manufacturing and prototyping expertise for over 20 years. Our in house workshop encompassing the latest rapid prototyping technologies and low volume production capabilities is an integral part of advanced manufacturing for new product development. The ability to produce accurate parts at a low cost is essential for proof of concept and component testing before more significant tooling investment is required. The speed of the manufacturing enables improved timescales for the introduction of the product into market.

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