Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd.

Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd.

INDUSTRIAL-MAN has been a pioneer of additive manufacturing and prototyping expertise for over 20 years. Our in house workshop encompassing the latest rapid prototyping technologies and low volume production capabilities is an integral part of advanced manufacturing for new product development. The ability to produce accurate parts at a low cost is essential for proof of concept and component testing before more significant tooling investment is required. The speed of the manufacturing enables improved timescales for the introduction of the product into market.

With 20 year’s experience using and developing this technology, our in-house experts at INDUSTRIAL-MAN are available to advise you on any aspect of prototyping and batch manufacturing to ensure that the highest quality parts are supplied.

INDUSTRIAL-MAN owned almost 60 sets machines like 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine from Germany, 3D Laser Rapid Printer from USA, precise CNC Machines, 3D Testing Quality Machine and other hi-tech quipment.We offer.

Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd.

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