Spring Pin With Hold In One End For Wholesale

Spring Pin part is machined complete in Ningbo Luteng screw machine including all processses

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Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF etc
Supply Ability: 10,000,000PCs per year
Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
Payment: 30% advanced payment and 70% balanced payment before shipment
Packaging Detail: Pallet and Carton
Shipping: By Sea, By Air, By Train & By Express

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Also known as roll, tension, split, and expansion pins, these pins have a slot that presses closed when the pins are inserted so they don’t flex after installation. Use them for fastening, pivoting, and holding.

Squeeze pins closed and install them in a hole slightly smaller than the pin. Tension holds them tight against the hole wall. At least one end is chamfered to aid insertion.

Spring Pin With Hold In One End For Wholesale

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LutengThe tolerances on the bearing journals are extremely tight for turning operations. Ningbo Luteng developed processes and controls to allow these journals to be turned to specification without the need for grinding or secondary operations. When these parts are machined, careful attention to temperature control must be maintained, as fluctuations in temperature can cause parts to go out of tolerance. In addition, the heavy metal removal in the center of the part presented a challenge to maintain straightness.

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