What Makes Acrylic Sign Letters So Popular?

Nowadays, acrylic sign letters are used more often and becoming more and more popular especially among businesses. Why? Before getting to know more about them, you should know something about the material – acrylic firstly.

What Makes Acrylic Sign Letters So Popular?

Introduction to Acrylic
Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer known more commonly by the trade name “plexiglass.” The material is similar to polycarbonate in that it is suitable for use as an impact-resistant alternative to glass (particularly when the high impact strength of PC is not required). It was first produced in 1928 and was brought to the market five years later by Rohm and Haas Company. It is generally considered one of the clearest plastics on the market. Now, acrylic is a lighter alternative to glass and an economic substitute for polycarbonate in applications where strength is not a crucial factor. With time going by, its more value has been discovered gradually by people engaged in many different fields. At present, it’s a very common and cost-effective way to use acrylic as the main material to manufacture acrylic sign letters.

The Advantages of Acrylic Sign Letters
Now that we know what acrylic is, we may get to know why acrylic sign letters are so widely used.
Custom Shapes, Logos & Fonts
Since the acrylic can be cut into extremely fine shapes using laser cutting technology because the material vaporizes upon impact with the concentrated laser energy, the acrylic letter cutting process can be easily completed. For many businesses, acrylic sign letters are the first choice. They can provide an endless variety of font options for users to choose from. Moreover, the polished edges and the variety of standard or custom color options make acrylic lettering a great option for almost any kind of sign.

Great for Inside or Outside
It is widely known that the acrylic letters have great durability and a lifetime warranty so they can be used in almost any environment. Use it inside for your office lobby wall, or conference room. Or use it outside on a monument or building. They look great and can last for a really really long time no matter where you put your sign.

Easy Installation
Acrylic sign letters can be very lightweight, despite being tough accessories that are hardwearing, so it’s a great option that’s easy to install quickly and efficiently. They can be mounted flush to the wall or with the use of spacers to give the impression of them floating off the wall – this is ideal if you want to illuminate your lettering. With smooth edges and a polished look, the letters will help the sign attract new audiences and enhance the image of your business.

Whether it’s a logo or a company name that you need that will be placed at the front entrance of your office building or retail store, the acrylic lettering, 3d acrylic letters, and other types of acrylic letters that will work equally well both inside and out, especially if you are looking for a way to express yourself in vibrant colors and a great glossy finish. The acrylic lettering is very perfect for house numbers, logos, company names, and so on.

If you want the look that metal lettering provides but don’t want the costs that are associated with that material, choosing acrylic sign letters is a perfect choice. At COSUN, we can manufacture 3d acrylic letters, fillable acrylic letters, and so on. We promise that our premium-quality acrylic lettering can help you achieve improved brand awareness and increasing popularity in the market.

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