Wholesale 3mm Mini Small Linear Bearing

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FOB Price: 1 – 5 USD / Pieces
Port: Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenzhen
Type Linear
Brand Name brgro
Precision Rating P5
Model Number LM3UU

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1. We can change the rubber seal color according to your actual requirements.
2. Customized the marks based on your requirements.
3. Choose the different package to your needs.

Linear bearing

Linear bearing is a linear motion system for linear travel with the cylinder axis . Since carrying the ball point contact with the bearing housing , the ball rolling with a minimum of friction , and therefore has a small friction linear bearings , and relatively stable, with the bearing speed change, can achieve high sensitivity, high accuracy smooth linear motion. Linear bearings consumption also has its limitations, the most important is the impact of poor load bearing capacity, and the carrying capacity is also poor , followed by linear bearings in large high-speed motion vibration and noise.

Linear bearing Application

Linear bearings are more widely applied to electronic equipment, food machinery , packaging machinery, medical machinery , printing machinery , textile machinery , machinery , equipment , robotics , tools, machinery , machine tools, automotive and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment or among the special machinery industry .

Linear bearing Types

1. Linear bearings
Linear bearings have standard type , clearance adjustment type linear bearings, open type linear bearings , extended linear bearings, linear bearings versatility.

2. flange linear bearing
flange linear bearing can be divided into : Round Flange , Flange , oval flange , round flange -type guide , the guide Flange , oriented oval flange , round flange -type extension .

3. By shape
Linear bearing shaped (shape such as straight , look axial slit , the case for the need to adjust the gap , and the great opening and a small opening two kinds )

4. By performance
1)Common type ( general purpose performance requirements )
2)Super type ( long-life and high load performance requirements of the occasion )
Type LM-UU: This is the metric dimension series with seal used most frequently in Korea and Japan.
Type LME-UU: This is the metric dimension series with seal used most frequently in Europe.
Type LMB-UU: This is the inch dimension series with seal used most frequently in UK&USA

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