Wide Buddy Limited

Wide Buddy Limited has precision machining and testing equipment, including high-speed precision CNC machining equipment , EDM,Milling machines, equipped with CAD / CAE / CAM design and manufacture of advanced systems, committed to the use of advanced technology ,

During the past years, we have built completed project management system to control quality and guarantee delivery from designing, production, sampling to shipping. We enjoy a good reputation in North America, Europe and get involved in Automotive, Electronic, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Industry, etc.

We can offer prototype and small volume production before injection mold are our competitive advantages.

Wide Buddy Limited

Project Management: We will make every effort to provide customers with the best quality service , each project will be someone to service , allowing customers to readily grasp the progress of the project to ensure the progress and quality of the project results beyond the customer wants .

1 .Product Quality :
① according to customer requirements , providing quality products materials.
② has advanced processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the product.
③ all aspects of quality control, so that customer satisfaction is more than 99 %.

2. product delivery :
A powerful information system interconnect at any time to reflect production saturation and progress of the work of various departments to facilitate tracking and accurate control of the delivery.

Wide Buddy Limited
Sales Manager: Daisy Luo
E-Mail: Daisy@widebuddymolding.com
Skype: Daisyluo
Tel: +8618377163625(WhatsApp or Wechat)

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